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Tsunami Alarm Service and Diwali

On Tuesday, 25th of October 2011were all invited to celebrate Diwali at Bharat Nivas., after delicious common dinner at Solar Kitchen . Program starts at 7.00 pm with fireworks with all our children at the entrance of the Auditorium. Between and 7.30pm to 8.45pm we will see an Indian classical dance. Rapahel from Sri Ma is happy to announce that from next week onwards there will be a new free service for the resident of Auroville’s beach communities: Auroville Tsunami Alarm Service (AVTAS). Giorgio will celebrate his 75th birthday.

Personal effort is indispensable; without it nothing can be done. When the personal effort is sincere the help is always there
The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Oct 2011

Eating Gourmet Food

Listen to Jean-Marc , chef extraordinaire of Cafe le Morgan, in Town Hall plaza, tell about his offer of a 5-day plan for dinners during the Film Festival.Tomorrow opens Aurovilles second Film Festival, running 5 consecutive days; 3 venues: Cinema Paradiso, Bharat Nivas and Sadhana. Tomorrow a General Meeting 4:30 SAWCHU: Complete Review of the AVC and WC selection process. Talkin’ Trash offers another bit on plastic. The Selection Committee presents an update.

Only God Absolute has the absolute eternity. Yet when one goes within, one sees that all things are secretly eternal; there is no end, neither was there ever a beginning. Sri Aurobindo Aphorisms

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Sep 2011

Development vs. Sacred Forests

Sunny speaks about the ongoing important topic of development vs. the land, the sacred forests, the trees planted and nourished by those who came first, to create the Greenbelt of Auroville. Also featured is the music of Ana and Tiago’s Yemadas Bamboo Band. Aurovilles Farewell Room, presently located at the Auroville Health Centre, is planned to become a part of the new Integral Healing Centre coming up on the Crown Road near Arka, announces its fundraising efforts.

To man, God is too slow in answering his prayer. To God, man is too slow in opening to His influence. But to the Truth-Consciousness, everything is going as it should!Be quiet and offer yourself calmly and confidently. All that happens is always the effect of the Supreme’s Will. Human action can be the occasion but, never the cause.
The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Sep 2011

Common Vision

Auroville still has lot to learn about important issues like housing. Practicing diversity in unity is not easy but as Renu noted in the interview, one of the thing common to us all is that each one of us is attached to the development of Auroville. Common agreement has to come partially from people being sensitized and understanding as to why the land is used and why is there a certain density. And maybe by all of us actively searching for solutions will bear more fruits than criticizing.

Comments: 0 Date: 15 Sep 2011

Cluster Development

Open doors once a month is a new addition of L’Avenir d’Auroville services to community members. In the interview with Dorle and Sauro we found out why more interactive approach needs to be taken if whole community wants to work on development of the city. Shortage of houses is a sore spot for years, and reasons for that are various. The new proposal of numerous projects from L’Avenir team was recently published, and it did stir up the community and bring positive and negative feedback along with the hope that things are moving.

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Sep 2011

Against Pollution

Featured in today’s news find further information against pollution, in relation to the Karuvadikuppam dumpsite, with a plea for involvement from all, as all suffer the effect of it. Announcements incllude this weekend festivities in recognition of World Bamboo Day. Offered also on Saturday a computer slide show on Japanese Gardens at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture and, a reminder that Play of Painting sessions continue at Udavi Schools new studio on Sunday afternoons 4-5:30 p.m.

The force of soul in you, meeting the same force from outside you, cannot harmonise the measures of the contact in values of mind-experience and body experience; therefore you have pain, grief, uneasiness. Human beings are in the habit of basing their relationshiops with others on physical, vital and mental contacts; that is why almost always discord and suffering occurs. If on the contrary, they would base their relationshiops on psychic contact, that is between soul and soul, they would find that behind the troubled appearances there is a profound and lasting harmony which can express itself in all the activities of life and cause disorder and suffering to be replaced by peace, and, bliss.

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Sep 2011

Green vs. Oil

From the participatory session held last week by Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty, expert in the field of energy, hear an excerpt of his talk; he focused on the future of mankind, which will be determined if man will switch from oil based reliance to green based practices for energy. His talk in its entirety may be heard later today. The Karuvadikuppam dumpsite: a plea to sign the petition letter, all those suffering from its toxic waste fumes. The text of this letter is available on Auronet; soon at public places (Solar Kitchen, Town Hall, etc.)

To feel hurt by what others do or think or say is always a sign of weakness and proof that the whole being is not exclusively turned towards the Divine, not under the divine influence alone. And then, instead of bringing with oneself the divine atmosphere made of love, tolerance, understanding, patience, it is one’s ego that throws itself out, in response to another’s ego, with stiffness and hurt feelings, and the disharmony is aggravated. The ego never understands that the Divine has different workings in different people and that to judge things from one’s own egoistic point of view is a great mistake bound to increase the confusion. What we do with passion and intolerance cannot be divine, because the Divine works only in peace and harmony. The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Sep 2011

Bamboo Open House

Last Saturday’s Open House at Auroville Bamboo Research Centre thre was a chance to see on display almost everything about bamboo. With its versatile qualities, practical and artistic aspects, bamboo does inspire almost anybody who makes contact with it. In comparison with last year the progress at Bamboo Research Centre is clearly visible. The whole area is vibrant with new and rejuvenating energies, and smiling faces are all around. We talked shortly with Balu and Walter about the World Bamboo Day celebrations and about the Centre.

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Sep 2011

Open House at ABRC

In today’s news we feature exciting updates on Auroville Film Festival 11 given by Krishna. Annual Green Practices vision workshop with the title Regenerative Township of Tomorrow starts today, and it will end on Saturday. Auroville Bamboo Research Centre prepared many events to celebrate World Bamboo Day 18th of September. This Saturday they will open the doors of Bamboo Research Centre. Open house will start at 3pm with running power point presentation on Bamboo, and they want to share with community their production line of work.

This body is Thy instrument; this will is Thy servant; this intelligence is Thy tool; and the whole being is only Thyself.The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Sep 2011

Regenerative cities by A Mathur

Ashish Mathur, Chief Executive Officer at RAMKY Integrated Township Ltd., has been sharing his vision which is “Sustainable Growth and a green and clean Earth” during the Vision workshop of the Auroville Green Practices. His company is known for its pioneering role in the civil, public and environmental development of infrastructure in India and it strongly believes that the fruits of development must reach every man and woman without any discrimination. His insights into the environmental problems of today have inspired the audience.

Ashish Mathur is the Chief Executive Officer at RAMKY Integrated Township Ltd., Director & Chief Executive Officer at RVAC and the Director at Ramky Industrial Parks Vertical. – – Regenerative Township of Tomorrow website:

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Sep 2011
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