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The Legend of the Flute Player

“A long time ago in the Valley of the Great Mountains, there was a small town where lived all the greatest musicians in the land..
From anywhere in the valley, music could be heard day and night as all the musicians played their instruments so that they might be known as the best.
In this town there lived a young boy named Avvaiyar whose only wish was to play beautiful music for everyone. But Avvaiyar did not have an instrument to play ….”

Noel Parent’s book The Legend of the Flute Player, dramatized for the radio by Marion .

Scene from Mahabharata

The Ilaignarkal Education Centre has given us the beautiful opportunity to see Tamil folk Theater Theru Koothu performance of a scene from the Mahabharata.
For the very first time have we seen this kind of folk performance; credit goes to the Mohanam Cultural Centre which is providing space and training for young students to dedicate themselves to the revival of folk theater. While watching the performance one could notice the intense work of the students, musicians, and mentors because every detail, all the way to the elaborate costumes, was done by the group.

Koothu means dance or performance in Tamil, it is a folk art originated from the early Tamil country. But more precisely Koothu refers to either Terukuttu or Kattaikkuttu. The terms Terukkuttu and Kattaikkuttu are often used interchangeably in modern times; however, historically the two terms appear to have distinguished, at least in certain villages, between two different kinds of performance: while Terukkuttu referred to mobile performances in a procession, Kattaikkuttu denotes overnight, narrative performances at a fixed performance space. Koothu as a form of entertainment reached its peak hundreds of years ago in Tamil Nadu, as mentioned in the Sangam texts about the development of iyal (literature), isai (music) and natagam (drama). Going beyond just a means of entertainment, koothu educates the rural people about religion and their history.
Koothu is an informal dance structure, the performances generally depict scenes from ancient epics like Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Tamil other classical epics. There are traditionally no dialogues, instead only songs. Artists are trained to sing in their own voice and in a high pitch to reach the entire crowd, since no amplification technology is used. The artists are dressed up with complex heavy costumes and have a very bright elaborated makeup. They put on towering head dresses, sparkling shoulder plates and wide colorful skirts. Traditionally this theater form has been predominately male, though in modern times more females have been included (e.g., Girl’s theater at the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam).

Street Show, Call for Grace

In today’s news we are featuring interview with Renu on Saturday’s Pondy Street Show, collaboration between Pondicherry and Auroville artists. Tomorrow at 4pm at Cinema Paradiso in Town Hall we can see products of this week stop motion animation workshop with Tom. Saturday May 24th, at the mini Amphitheater, Unity Garden, Matrimandir, 5.30 pm we are invited to a Call for Grace – Saturday, sunset with Russian Bells. Evolutionary Cafe – an interactive collective exploration on Mondays at Unity Pavilion.

It is the inner offering of the heart’s adoration, the soul of it in the symbol, the spirit of it in the act, that is the very life of the sacrifice.
The Synthesis of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo

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Ukrainian musicians Olga and Rustam are traveling through India for the last four months. On the advice of somebody, they decided to pay a visit to Auroville as well. First impressions and first disappointments, and of course the fact that Auroville is a pretty expensive place to visit, almost turned them off. But they insisted in their search for the musicians living and working here, and as the result of their quest, there will be a concert on Tuesday, 20th of March at Sadhana Forest at 7.30pm, and on Wednesday 21st at Unity Pavilion at 7.30pm.

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