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CAT2, Ulab, Garba

Tuesday 12th September: 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm at the Unity Pavilion Restorative Circles by Restorative Auroville (L’aura, Janet, Shanti, Helene

Saturday 16th, and Sunday 17th from 7.30pm onward at SAWCHU Gujju Garba Group invites all to Navratri Garba.

On Sunday, 17 September, 5 pm at Unity Pavilion we are invited to Kavi&Kaviya(poets & poetry)

11th Creative School Concert on Thursday, 14th at 7.30 pm at Visitor Center

Friday 15 & Saturday 16 September 2017 – 7:15 pm at Visitors Center The French Pavillon presents with the support of Francis LE GRAND PROCESSUS ? THE GREAT PROCESSUS By Satprem Original text from chapter 2 of La Genese du Surhomme (On the Way of Supermanhood) Performed in French with English surtitles by la compagnie SDF With Christophe, Natacha, Thierry and Yves and Directed by Celine .

For in his Yoga there is nothing too small to be used and nothing too great to be attempted.
Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga

Navaratri Celebrations, Entry

In today’s news we are featuring Aurore from the Entry Service Team, inviting us all to a Newcomers Putlock Dinner on Saturday 17th at 6.30pm at Ilaignarkal Education Centre.

The exhibition the Celebration of Evolution is open fro the Navaratri time at Ilaignarkal Education Centre daily from 9am to 12, and from 3pm to 7pm.

The Mothers and Sri Aurobindo Centre invite us to the celebration of Navaratri by Acknowledging the Divine Supreme Mother through all Her forms daily from 13th to 22nd at 6pm at Brahmanaspati Kshetram in Edayanchavadi.

Wednesday 14 to Sunday 18 October Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India invites all to Garba Dance Festival 2015 to celebrate, participate and dance at SAWCHU.

Does the Divine exist in all things, even in the dustbin?
The whole universe is the manifestation of the Divine, but a manifestation which begins with a total unconsciousness of its origin and rises little by little towards this consciousness.
– The Words of The Mother, Vol.15

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