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Prog Playlist Part 2 by Sic Sixx

So your hero from space is back, with the part two of the previous playlist, this time featuring mainly old-timers and artists credited with the creation of this beautiful genre of music. Anyways, I have to get back to my spaceship as I’m approaching Proxima Centauri, but here’s a spoiler in case you wanna know what space feels like and you can’t wait: head over to the last song on the list, and you won’t regret it! I promise more ‘sounds of the universe’ in my next playlists, so stay tuned and stay(sic)!
DJ Sic Sixx

Before The Beginning (John Frusciante)
Wither (Dream Theater)
Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
Tom Sawyer (Rush)
Deliverance (Opeth)
Schism (Tool)
Anesthetise (Porcupine Tree)

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Oct 2015

Selections par Gangalakshmi-58

Une série hébdomadaire de lectures par Gangalakshmi (en Français) de sélection d’oeuvres sur ou de la Mère et Sri Aurobindo, qui lui semble d’actualité.
Cette semaine; Le Yoga et la Sante.

A weekly series of readings by Gangalakshmi (in French) from selected works by or on the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
This week extracts from; Health and Yoga

Auroville Musical Fragment by; Joy Chowdhuri, Album; Hymns and Songs in Sanskrit, Song; Udayati Bhanu. 2007
Images with Mother’s Flowers significance selected from

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Prog Playlist Part 1 by Sic Sixx

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the studio (well, two weeks but I’m sure for my audience it’s felt like an entire lifetime) and I thought today I’d make the first playlist of a series based solely on progressive music, also including a little bit of music from outer space, since right now I’m taking a little trip around Mars, just to get a little breather from life on Earth (get it?).
No, actually, it’s just to escape from all the Candy Crush notifications I receive daily. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, I will be back with a second part hopefully next week, unless I somehow end up being sucked up by black hole, in which case I will not be coming back.
Alright, back to life on Mars, I’ll see you again next week and don’t forget to stay(sic)!

DJ Sic Sixx

The Space Between Us (Widek)
Say You Will (Black Peaks)
Love Song (Destiny Potato)
Celestial Elixir (Haken)
Language I:Intuition (The Contorionist)
Restless (Leprous)
Time Machine (Royal Thunder)
Planet A (The Devil Wears Prada)

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Oct 2015

AVFF Panel discussion Mon 5th Oct

The Auroville Film Festival roundtable panel discussion of 5th Oct. – day 4

From AurovilleFilmFestival Facebook page:
Round Table Discussion on Human Unity
Sasikant and Suresh was joined by Kavitha and Marco (Artistic Director) and the roundtable started by discussing the film Girl Rising. Kavitha said that one reason she liked the film was because they used local village and city girls and paired them with local women journalist to capture their authentic voice and stories. The film depicts a number of women from the South/under developed countries and tells their stories. However the movie also supplies UN and other development data that highlights how we could quickly transform the South (and North-rich countries) by placing policy, money and infrastructure to assist women/girls. This path to development is faster and pragmatic, unlike the mythical ‘trickle down effect’ (putting most of the resources into the rich who will supposedly create weath for all via their investment – a Reagan and Thatcher – mythology that is still pursued today)
The panel and the audience also discussed The Sower…


Comments: 0 Date: 08 Oct 2015

AVFF Panel Discussions Tue. 6th Oct – Day 5

The panel consisted of Jill, Mala, Raman and Sasikant and the discussion covered movies from the previous day as well as the movies screened in the morning. The topics covered through the films ranged from the Israel-Palestine conflict and its representation, the preservation of language as well as the commitment to Satyagraha.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Oct 2015

Pesto with Pierre

Pierre (born in South of France) arrived in Auroville in 2008 and has been living here ever since. He is involved with organic farming and food processing at Buddha Garden Community Farm. His commerical unit is called ‘Taste of Nature’ and he created it in 2014. Pierre has an exceptionally formed view about the food we eat and what it does to our systems, his emphasis on using local produce and the ‘energy’ in what we consume are all very interesting and reflect an intensively thought out ethos.

Coming to Auroville and his efforts with organic food are all part of his spiritual journey, and he talks to us about finding a middle ground in spiritual practice. The volunteers at Buddha Garden have an opportunity to assist him in making pesto with him once a week and we had this conversation after feasting on this delicacy.

IEL Open House on 'Marketing'

The Integral Entrepreneurship Lab (IEL) conducted a session on the concept of ‘Marketing’. The session at the very onset was one where there was a deconstruction of the term and emphasis on how it tends to be viewed in a negative light. While the more conventional aspects involve greed and push-selling, IEL seeked to shed light on its intentional aspects. Thus, they wanted to interpret marketing in an Auroville context where it could be meaningful rather than inethical.

The session was interesting and interactive, with hints of humour and ardent audience participation. After the initial presentation (which can be heard alongside), the group was divided into four parts via pizza box tool kits and interacted with the entrepreneurs about topics ranging from branding and packaging to humour and graphic design. Some of the important points raised in the session regarding Auroville as a ‘brand’ involved both positive as well as problematic criteria and one could detect a collective need to branch out. A point raised repeatedly was the urgent need for social media service in any kind of marketing venture.

The co-working space in Auromode was raw but looked promising and it was refreshing to see a desire for action and the spark in the people involved. A bazaar atmosphere could be detected as people milled about the room. Though a lot of the ideas are in their formative stages, the IEL can be contacted on for further information.

Altern Pop-Rock with Sic Sixx

Just in case you haven’t checked your calendar today, it’s Saturday, also known as ‘Sic Sixx’ day, which means we have a new playlist, this time focusing mostly on alternative pop-rock and indie rock. We hope you enjoy and stay(sic)!

Children of the Revolution (The Violent Femmes)
Spaceman (Population 1)
The Hardest Button to Button (The White Stripes)
Here Comes Your Man (The Pixies)
I Won’t Let You Down (Ok Go)
Haters Gonna Hate (Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!)
Reptilia (The Strokes)
Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys)
Bad Blood (Supergrass)
Easily (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Stacy’s Mom (Fountains of Wayne)
Shine (Collective Soul)

Guided Meditation- The Source

Guided meditation- To connect with The Source

Music by Frits Evelein at

Comments: 2 Date: 17 Sep 2015

Cooking lesson in Solitude

A one month introductory workshop to local food with a weekly seasonal local food basket,
a weekly cooking workshop with Sarah and a free lunch.

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