Sauti Sol blends warm resonant pop with traditional Kenyan influences. Their melange of energetic rhythms has promoted the group to become one of Africa’s most celebrated and East Africa’s pioneers of a fresh sound.

At the occasion to re start with monthly magazine in Spanish , and this time it will be with Anandi we are featuring following soulful house mix ... to create reminiscent mood and transfer you into geographical area ...

On 29th of July this year hearts of many has stopped with the news that Croatian musical icon Oliver Dragojevic died.. Millions, old and young alike, have been touched by his songs for past four decades ...R.I.P. Oliver!

Half of the century of existence of one of the most famous, and influential bands in rock'n'roll history - Led Zeppelin, which began their first tour in UK on 4th of Ocotober 1968. Today we are featuring just few of their songs of different times.

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