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Sri Aurobindo: Synthesis of Yoga

This reading picks up on page 312, middle of Chapter 3 The Purified Understanding of Part II: The Yoga of Integral Knowledge.

” ….. what we mean by the understanding and by that higher faculty ….. which stands, to the developed intellect, much in the same relation as that intellect stands to the half-animal reason of the undeveloped man…… the nature of the purification necessary before the understanding can rightly fulfill its part in the attainment of right knowledge ….. All impurity is a confusion of working, a departure of dharma (sankara) the right action of things ….. pure and helpful to our perfection …..usually the result of ignorant confusion ….. “

“The second cause of impurity in the understanding is the illusion of the senses ….. A third cause of impurity in the understanding ….. an improper action of the will to know ….. a more or less obstinate will to ignore the truth in other ideas and opinions, cling to fragments of a truth ….. “

” ….. necessary to have the power of dismissing all thought ….. to think not at all ….. a power ….. a profound and pregnant stillness…. silence from which all words are born …..”

Synthesis of Yoga

Today we begin with Chapter III The Purified Understanding on page 308 from Part Two
The Yoga of Integral Knowledge.

In this chapter Sri Aurobindo clearly puts it that ” ….. a supramental realisation, a re-seeing, a remoulding of our whole existence in the light of the Divine, free from subjection to the appearances of things ….. ” is that to which we aspire.

Understanding and its purification is best expressed through the Sanskrit philosophical term buddhi; excluded from that would be any action of the sense min with its varied and sundry perceptions without distinction of right or wrong, true or illusory . . . the constant leaping of habitual thought (parading as understanding in the average unthinking man). All this is one remove from the animal mind; a half-animal reason subservient to habit, desire, the senses and of no avail in the search for spiritual, philosophical and scientific knowledge.

The next reading will commence on page 312 mid-page continuing through page 316, end of chapter

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