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Somos Pacifico

Cumbia, musical diversity, as a result of clash of different cultures in the area of South America, starting in Colombia, and spreading fast to the whole area, along with islands of middle America or West Indies…..
ChocquibTown – Somos Pacifico
Bomba Estereo – Somos Dos
Celia Cruz – La Negra Tiene Tumbao
Calle 13 – Latinoamerica
Lagrimas Negras – Cuba Feliz
La Delio Vladez – Yo Me Llamo Cumbia
La Sonora Carruseles – Mosaico Cumbias
Los Warahuaco – El Pescador de Baru
Joaquin Bedoya Y Su Conjunto – Llegaron Las Putierrez
Salsa Celtica – Cumbia Celtica
Los Hijos del Sol – Carinito – The Roots of Chicha
Ondatropica- Cumbia Espacial
Bomba Estereo – Soy Yo
Los Angeles Azules – Cumbia Pa Gozar
ChocquibTown – Hasta Que Amanezca

Know Your Rhythm

It all begins with a conversation of improvised rhythms between Arnab and Gino at Sangam Hall, Savitri Bhavan.
Arnab B. Chowdhury shares a few thoughts, rhythms and motifs from his training programme – ‘Know Your Rhythm’ that helps participants discover musicality, their own sense of rhythm.
Through immersive exercises in a spirit of self-culture and joy, ‘Know Your Rhythm’ creates conditions for participants to experienc Aha! Moments both as individual and a member of the collective. He believes that these Aha! Moments are like opening windows towards Transformation.
In Auroville, ‘Know Your Rhythm’ (KYR) has been presented to a variety of audiences such as teachers from different schools of Auroville, Tamil Nadu government officials at Sustainable Livelihood Institute, Dakshina Chanting Group, young participants of Swadharma semester programme.
KYR was held as a Pre-Congress Seminar for therapists and medical practitioners at the 14th World Congress for Music Therapy at Vienna (2014) and presented as a research project at the 4th Conference of International Association for Music and Medicine at Beijing (2016).
Arnab is a composer-musician-trainer and a third generation from a family of Indian Classical musicians based out of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. He grew up and studied at the Ashram School and his programme is inspired by Integral Education and the paradigms of Music.

Ganapati by Adishakti's

The performance is an interpretation of the birth stories related to the myth of Ganapathi/Martanda (the elephant headed god from the Puranic cycle) from the Vedic cycle.

The performance suggests its concerns largely through different pattern and textures of rhythms. The verbal text is minimal. And both the verbal text and the aural images are supported by visual cues and images. The rhythms used in this piece have been evolved from the rhythms of Koodiyattam music and folk rhythms from various parts of South Asia.

As rituals commemorate myth the performance opens with the ritual creation of an image of Ganapati for the annual festival, by a group of artisans. It is a structured play in a recurring cycle of creation, celebration, destruction and return of the myth of Ganapati. These are narrated by an actor from different points of view.

A great number of residents, visitors, guests and volunteers of Auroville have applauded the performance at Bharati Nivas and interestingly many foreigners have relished the essence of this dance by deeply involving in the sentiments created in the play at various points.

Vinay Kumar, a senior artist of the group Adishakti says, “We are glad to be part of the Auroville culture and we do these plays to make the contemporary world understand the vitality of rhythm and that was performed here through drums”. He later added, “We dedicate this play to Veenapani Chawla, the director and the chief mentor of the group who passed away last year”.

This play was performed by Vinay Kumar, Arvind Rane, Pascal Sieger, Nimmy Raphel, Anoop Davis, Apoorva Arthur and the Lighting assistance was given by Ashiqa Salvan.

This production emerged from a grant made by the India Foundation for the Arts to Adishakti on the topic Rhythm as a Text in Koodiyattam and Contemporary Theatre.

Mediation for Unity and Peace

Following is the recording of session with Russian Singing Bells on African Land in International Zone – the land appointed for the Africa House / Pavilion of African Culture. After short introduction of bells by Vera and Ashesh to the participants, the whole session, which purpose was meditation for peace and unity, has developed and grown into its own special harmonious melody. Of course recordings are many times merely the pale reflection,’ in which so often we cannot feel the special energy present in interaction at the time.

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