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Highest Health Through Nutrician

On the 4th of December 2017 in the reading room, at Savitri Bhavan, Dr Nandita Shah shared some of her deep knowledge on the subject of diet and nutrition and the link to many of the diseases such as cancer and diabetes which have severely increased in the last 50 years. She then gives many simple and logical explanations and reasons why we should change the food we eat to be simply more in tune with our instinctual and natural diet, in the same way that all animals instinctively know their natural food, to help alleviate some of these deadly diseases.
Let us all revert back to an organic plant based diet, let Auroville be a place and example to the world for the health and spiritual benefits of this simple shift.

Dr Nandita Shah has just had her new book “Reversing Diabetes in 21 Days” launched in India and published by Penguin Books. It’s available on Amazon and will soon be available at the Visitors Centre book shop too.
Her website address is

Good eating and well being

The idea of showing people how harvesting, cooking and celebrating your food can lead to a balanced community living led to the ‘6 Days of Hundred Percent Exploration of Nutritional Security’ Project at Solitude Farm last week. In this interview with Krishna, we discuss how it all began, food as much more than just a functional necessity and how important it is to honour mother earth and the soil.

L’Ayurveda pour passer l’ete

Le Pavillon de France présente Samedi 2 avril 2016 à 17 h au Cinéma Paradiso

« Comment passer l’été avec les recommandations de l’Ayurveda »
Conférence de Bérengère (docteur en Ayurveda)

Quand les températures augmentent, il y a davantage de Dosha Pitta dans l’air (élément = feu).
Durant les grandes chaleurs nous avons de la peine à travailler et n’avons également pas beaucoup d’appétit.
Accepter les tendances naturelles, adapter son alimentation et ses activités sont en outre les recommandations pour rester «cool» pendant tout l’été.


Comments: 0 Date: 06 Apr 2016

La ronde des saisons en Ayurveda

Le Pavillon de France Pitchandikulam Forest – Herbal Team presentent

Comment prendre soin de notre corps pendant la mousson avec l’’Ayurveda et l’utilisation des plantes locales par Bérengère, Docteur en Ayurveda
Le corps sort d’une saison difficile, l’été. Les rayons du soleil et la chaleur ont extirpé l’énergie et l’enthousiasme, laissant le corps affaibli et moinsrésistant.
Nous voyons qu’elles sont les conditions dans le corps et l’esprit au sortir de l’été et comment elles peuvent être agravées pendant la mousson.
Quelles sont les indications quotidiennes et de saison pour retrouver un confort de vie, éviter les déséquilibres et maladies ?
Quelles sont les plantes et légumes à utiliser et à manger pendant cette période?

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Oct 2015

Cooking lesson in Solitude

A one month introductory workshop to local food with a weekly seasonal local food basket,
a weekly cooking workshop with Sarah and a free lunch.

Banana Stem Workshop at Solitude

“There is no special season for Banana stem. They are available throughout the year., says Sarah.
Solitude Farm is conducting a workshop on Banana Stem. It is open to all who wants to learn to cook new dishes. You can also stroll around the farm where all the food on your plate in the Solitude Cafe comes from.
Listen to Sarah and Rishi as they share details about this workshop and of upcoming Summer workshops.
You can complete the trip with a delicious lunch at the Cafe.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Jun 2015

Project Albatross

Last night in a relax atmosphere of starry night with candlelighted tables Mathias Muller and Nishad Pandey on classical guitar shared with patrons of Solitude Farm restaurant American and Latin ballads, jazz standards, baroque inspired extempore …. in second set Mishko M’Ba joined them on bass, and toward the end we heard some improvisations. Evening of good, healthy food with food soul in the shape of jazz standards …

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Mar 2015

Nina's interview on her book

After her presentation at the Freeland bookshop Nina gave us a special interview on her book explaining where, how and why “Organic food marketing in urban centres of India”.
She is actually in Auroville working at Solitude farm to get some practical farming experience. She finds that Auroville would need help to know how to manage more successfully organic food in order to make it more available. She also finds Auroville is a great place to learn because of the amount of organic farms and the good eco system it offers.

Through her research and knowledge about organic food marketing and more she would be pleased to meet people and consult aurovillian farmers in this sense as she also works as a freelance consultant.
She studied at University of Freiburg, Germany as a Geographer and came to work on a research project in Hyderabad in 2009 and got stuck in India till now. Nina Osswald practises what she preaches about organic food, sustainable living and reducing ecological footprint.

Comments: 1 Date: 08 Jan 2014

Organic book by Nina Osswald

Last Wednesday night, Nina Osswald, who co-authored "Organic food marketing in urban centres of India" together with Manoj K. Menon, gave us a very interesting and instructive presentation at the Freeland bookshop. Her research is based on how organic food is being marketed and sold in Indian cities. The presentation focused on key challenges and success strategies for this. Organic food is becoming more readily available in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore. Osswald is currently working on an organic farm in Auroville in order to gain some practical farming experience.

Nina found that Auroville has logistical problems hindering the successful supply of organic produce from the farms, via a distribution center, to consumers. She suggests that the creation of economies of scale is needed, in order to help Aurovilian farmers and retailers make organic food more readily available. That, and a better management of stock, may help make products longer-lasting and available in larger quantities. Says Nina, "Auroville has a good eco system and there are many organic farms. This makes Auroville a wonderful laboratory for research into improving the supply of organic produce".

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Jan 2014

Spiruline in Windarra farm

Spiruline, a magic waterplant identified as the food of the future for its fantastic healthy components is produced in Auroville since 15 years, the local climate adds an important criterium of quality : SUNDRIED, so the plants don’t lose any quality during that process . This farming is expending in terms of quantity and variety, including news plants often produced outside the farm (alfalfa ……..) as new kinds of farm products . The farm is now totally located in Windarra farm.
More than a job for the workers , a daily slice of life.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Mar 2013