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27 Feb / 2023Program by:

Tamil Folk Culture and Music-தமிழில் நாட்டுப்புறவியலும், இசையும்

Auroville Festival is a Week-long event from Mother’s Birthday on the 21st to Auroville Birthday on the 28th of February. On this special occasion Auroville Tamil Heritage Centre Organised a series of talks on Tamil literature,Culture,History etc.

On 24th February 2023,Dr.Murugavel,a Playback singer in Kollywood Entertainment Industry, Dr. Velu Saravanan, Asst.Prof.of Performing Arts, Pondicherry University and Kavignar R.Meenakshi, Founder of Ilaignarkal Education Centre, Auroville gave a musical performance along with the story narration which highlighted the beauty of Tamil Folk Culture and Music.They were accompanied by Thiru. Ayyanar on Tabla and Dr.Murugavel on Harmonium.This was held at Unity Pavillion.


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