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The Tamil Literary forum – ep.1 “உடலினை உறுதிசெய்”

Tamil Culture and Literature

At Ilaignarkal Education centre, few friends are gathering every Thursday to discuss about a Tamil culture and literature. We feel exhilarated during the exchange of the perceptions and conversations. We wanted to share the positive energy we received.

Today’s topic of the 110 verses of Puthiya Aathichudi is 
“ உடலினை உறுதிசெய்” –  “Fortify physique / Steel your body “

Subramniya Bharathi’s _ Puthiya Aathichudi 

The Great Poetess Avvaiaar who lived in the 13th century CE wrote the Original ” Aathi Chudi ” it is a collection of 108 maxims. “Aathi Chudi” means a garland of Aathi flowers. Aathi in Tamil refers to a mountain orchid tree called Bauhinia in English. It is believed Lord Shiva loves to be adorned with garland of Aathi flowers. Aathi chudi is an ethical code. It is a treatise on righteous living. Bharathiar the great Tamil poet who lived between 1882-1921 was considered a firebrand by the British regime during the freedom struggle of India. Bharathiar wrote the ” Puthiya AathiChudi ” a didactic poem in the lines of Avvaiyaar’s original “Aathi chudi” is also germane today. Like Thirukural, both Aathi Chudi’s are ethical and immortal pertinent treatises even today.