Photographer:Nelson | People playing a Tamil game Photographer:Nelson | Mandala of the Tamil Thendral Photographer:Nelson | People joining in the making of mandalas Photographer:Gino | Traditional Indian dance Photographer:Gino | Vina performance Photographer:Gino | People watching the dance and music performance Photographer:Gino | Traditional Tamil Dance
01 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: Tamil ThendralLanguage: English

Tamil Thendral

The Tamil cultural event included a variety of activities where both children and adults took part. These included traditional games, bids, art work, and making of mandalas.
Later a couple of presentation speeches were given in both English and Tamil languages. Then it was time for a veena concert by some young Tamil students, various traditional dances including some semi-classical dance, a video on Tamil Culture, a brief Tamil class, a poem, and finally a delicious Tamil dinner.