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Tanga, on Clave

Today we are featuring latin jazz, which typically employs rhythms that either have a direct analog in Africa, or exhibit and African influence. We started with Afro – Cuban jazz which is rhythmically base on clave, often with a rhythm section employing ostinato patterns from Cuban popular dance music. Many excellent, passionately dedicated musicians shaped through years that what we name today Afro Cuban latin jazz. In the program  you will hear some pieces which determined the future development of jazz.

“We play jazz with the Latin touch, that’s all, you know.”
Tito Puente


Cuba Habana – Buena Vista Social Club
Ran Kana Kan – Tito Puente
I Concentrate on You – Cal Tjader
Alma con Alma – Machito
Tanga – Machito
Mighty Priates Troubadours – Papo Vazquez
Mokonzi Ya Mboka – African Jazz / Grand Kalle &
l‘African Jazz
Tumbao Pa’Mi Timbal – Cuban Latin Jazz/ Tony Martinez
Nocturno en Batanga – Bebo Valdes
Soul Kiss – Dizzy Gillespie
Y Tu Que Has Hecho! – Buena Vista Social Club
Chucho – Paquito d’Rivera
Descarga en Faux – Carlos “Patato” Valdes
Puerto Rico – Charlie Sepulveda
Miguajira – Bobby Santabria
Sonero – Afrocuban All stars
Cha Cha – Grand Kalle &
l‘African Jazz
Latin Tinge – Los Hombres Calientes
Afro Blue – Mogo Santamaria
Guantanamera – Arturo Sandoval
La Musica Cubana – Ibrahim Ferrer