Photographer:Jyoti | Cristina Castrillo
14 Mar / 2012Program by:

Tantidhatri – Umbral

“Umbral” or Threshold was offered to the audience by Cristina Castrillo at the stage of Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, at Pavilion of Indian Culture in International Zone. Minimalistic approach of mono play simply tells the story of actress’s life, or better glimpses of it, the way she perceived it, sensed it rather than that really was. Without doubt her trace in theater is huge as she dedicated all her efforts to the research of elements which are basic for an actor, who is always at the heart of the inventive process.

Everyone is born in this world in a place or in an other, in a time or in the other, to spread out in the conditions of its time and its place, the autonomy of its nature.
Joseph Campbell
Umbral is the physical , verbal and emotional narrative of the steps that, in several years of investigation, have determinated a way to conceive the theatrical creation and the work of the actor.

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