Photographer:Marlenka | Sandyra
14 Nov / 2011Program by:
Language: English

TerraSoul: Pioneer Spirt

Today’s feature: Sandyra speaks about ‘TerraSoul,’ a part of Windarra Farm. Auroville’s Solid Waste Management: the ‘greener’ waste survey, a film on waste activity in AV by film-makers Doris and Francis, Earthday is coming up; what are the best green practices in AV? Which community best manages its waste? And, Eco-Pro team is working to establish a relationship with nearby villages to increase awareness, to reduce litter.

‘…when the body reaches its maximum intensity of aspiration, it is unable to contain it. It falls back. Things settle down – you were enriched with a new vibration, but then everything resumes its course. So you must widen yourself in order to learn to bear unflinchingly the intensities of the supramental force, to go forward always, with the ascending movement of the divine Truth, without falling backwards…’ – an excerpt from the Mother

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