Photographer: | Joachin Schlomer
13 Apr / 2007Program by:
Language: English

The Abduction of Sita

In this week’s English news the passing of Satprem on 9th April is made known.There are several interviews: one with Simarjit who brings forward some of the processes of dyeing cloth. Simarjit also talks about Colours of Nature, a unit growing and dyeing cloth with the indigo plant, and how they will participate in the coming Earth Day event.Tushita and Vishal speak of Food Link and their work centered on educating people about organic farm products, what that means and how it effects us individually, as well as the planet.Joachim Schloemer speaks about the Ramayanana and his theatrical production of one of the major themes of this epic work, ‘The Abduction of Sita.”In addition, the passing of long-time Aurovilian Dietra is mentioned. For many years, the children knew Dietra would assist them with their wounded animals, especially birds.You can listen to the English news by downloading here.