Photographer:Stefano Cesca | The meeting was based on information sharing Photographer:Stefano Cesca | A vast number of participants Photographer:Stefano Cesca | Many residents expressed their view and opinion Photographer:Stefano Cesca | The meeting had active responses from participants Photographer:Stefano Cesca | Both long timers and more recent residents were present Photographer:Stefano Cesca | A good mix of people was present at the meeting Photographer:Stefano Cesca | Presenting the update of the new Entry Process
20 Nov / 2017Program by:
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The After Meeting Interview

The Mentor Pool Meeting

On Saturday the 18th of November 2017, at the Tibetan Pavilion, there was an information sharing meeting on the updated entry process.
The main focus of this session was an update on the changes to the new entry process and their impact on New Comers and Mentors.
One of the changes to the entry process is the launching of Yucca, a three days introduction to Auroville for people interested in applying as New Comers. The first session of Yucca will take place between the 23rd and the 25th of November.
The main topic of the meeting was the importance of the involvement of mentors, and it was discussed that more Aurovillians are urged to step forward and offer themselves as mentors.