Photographer:Marco Saroldi | Various artists of Auroville meet Photographer:Marco Saroldi | A large variety of food was served Photographer:Marco Saroldi | Sharanga Tai Chi hall offerend a very warm enviroment Photographer:Marco Saroldi | Also some volunteers and New Comers took part at the gathering Photographer:Marco Saroldi | Some people suggested that the Art Service organised more meetings like this one Photographer:Marco Saroldi | Participants discussed various possibilities to form an Artists Collective
05 May / 2018Program by:

The Artists Collective meets in Sharanga Tai Chi hall

On Sunday the 29th of April 2018, the Art Service in collaboration with Creepa organized the first of many gatherings to encourage Auroville artists to work together and create a movement under their own management.
The aims of the artist collective includes anything that is relevant to the needs of the artist. This can range from promoting Auroville art, establish and developing an Art Festival in Auroville, sharing knowledge, sharing space and/or materials. And also share ideologies, aesthetic and social views and generally working together as an extended family.
Amongst various artists there were: Marco Saroldi from Outreach Media (whom provided these beautiful pictures), Yuri (announcing a new project that aims at promoting musicians of Auroville), Adil (announcing his pottery project), Laxay from Creepa, and many more.