Photographer:Silke | On mike Frederick Photographer:Silke | Alain Bernard Photographer:Silke | Paulette Photographer:Silke | On the left: Aster Patel Photographer:Silke | Frederick and with the mike Mohan Verghese Chunkath, Auroville Foundation's Secretary Photographer:Silke | The audience Photographer:Silke | The Unity Pavilion

The Auroville Foundation Act

In September 1988, the Government of India protected Auroville by passing a unique Act of Parliament, the Auroville Foundation Act,1988. Alain Bernard, Frederick, Pashi and Paulette shared the background facts, anecdotes and personal experiences of the circumstances of the times in which Auroville was at stake. Listen to first-hand memories of meeting president Indira Gandhi without prior appointment or to the process of drafting the Act within two days and the actual adaptation of the Act which passed unanimously in both Houses of Parliament.
The CAT session took place in Unity Pavilion on January 31st, 2017.


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