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Photographer:Roland | Operational energy use in Waste Water treatment Photographer:Roland | The audience Photographer:Roland | Kireet Photographer:Roland | Jan

The Auroville Water Challenge Pt2

Program by :

In the first part of the Water Challenge, we were introduced to the big picture and heard about some of the challenges and possibilities involved in managing our water resources.
In the second part of this series, we focus down and look at some of the ways in which Auroville is responding to the challenge. We will hear about the valuable land and canyon work done over the years to harvest water; about the importance and feasibility of recycling waste water; and about an interesting experiment in rainwater catchment in an apartment building.
And our presenters are:
Kireet – 18 Years of Rain Water Harvesting and Erosion Control
Jan – Approach to Sustainable Water Management in Auroville
David – H2O – Hydrological Challenge to Conscious Opportunity
Please join us for two hours of learning, discovery, and inspiration on and around a topic that we all know demands our attention: Water.

The Joy of Learning Team

Recorded on September 15th, at 4.30 pm at SAIIER


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