Photographer:Cassandra | Aurovilian Natasha welcomes us at the Auroville Freestore (Prosperity Area) Photographer:Cassandra | Aurovilian Anandi showing visiting researchers (Bem Le Hunte and Sarath Davala in PTDC Photographer:Cassandra | Aurovilians Nicole and Muthu share (Photographer: Cassandra)" rel="" /> Photographer:Cassandra | Our (Photographer: Cassandra)" rel="" /> Photographer:Cassandra | Stefan, executive of (Photographer: Cassandra)" rel="" /> Photographer:Cassandra | Abha (in the photo with Tom) showing us the commercial unit Shradhanjali Photographer:Cassandra | Auroville architect Suhasini taking us on a tour through the sustainable building (Photographer: Cassandra)" rel="" />

“The Bridge’’ Day 2, morning: “Conscious Collectivity’’ – site visits

After the opening and introduction of The Bridge yesterday, today’s theme is “Conscious Collectivity’’. To explore this theme in the context of the laboratory of Auroville, this morning we took the participating researchers from India and abroad, as well as Aurovilians, on a tour of experiments and practices that aspire to express and foster collective consciousness. We first got an introduction into the history of experimentation with conscious ways of consumption in Auroville by Nicole and Anandi at the Pour Tous Distribution Center (PTDC) in the Prosperity Area. There Natasha welcomed us at the Freestore and Muthu at Nandini. Over tea we sat where Aurovilians otherwise enjoy their PTDC lunches “prepared for them by the family“ and learned more about Auroville’s economy.

Continuing with this topic we took the SAIIER bus to “Shradhanjali’’ where Stefan and Abha shared their experiences with running commercial units in Auroville, their motivations and “spirit’’ in work as well as economical contexts and outcomes in relation to the community and region. From there we went to meet Suhasini at “Humanscapes’’, where we got a tour of the upcoming building, the sustainable technologies used in its construction and its vision of sustainable communal living. Just before lunch we arrived at Solar Kitchen, where we learned about its sustainable building and energy technologies from Suhasini and Gilles.

Enjoy this exploration of a selection of Auroville’s experiments in “conscious collectivity’’ with us and check back to listen to the afternoon presentations by the visiting researchers and the rest of the program in the following days. =)

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