Photographer:Cassandra | ... many of you here in Auroville are a great start towards doing that - Mark Photographer:Cassandra | Ravi presents his transdisciplinary art in the field of human-nature relationships Photographer:Cassandra | Ram shares his insights into “samanvaya’’ harmony Photographer:Cassandra | It is very inspiring to come here and be here and learn [in Auroville] […] - Jennie Photographer:Cassandra | It’s time to seek harmony from diversity - OK Photographer:Cassandra | ... this anthropocene era is a deeper consciousness, is this evolution of consciousness. - Bindu Photographer:Cassandra | The Harmony from Diversity Panelists

The Bridge Day 3, afternoon: Harmony from Diversity. Presentations & panel

Harmony from Diversity:

Approaching a lasting balance of individual, social and environmental systems.

“… in this harmony between our unity and our diversity lies the secret of life.’’
Sri Aurobindo, The Ideal of Human Unity

Enjoy presentations by visiting researchers as well as associated activists and artists. Mark Lawrence, director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany, shares his insights into the science of global climate change and reflects on proposed ways towards greater harmony with nature. Ravi Agarwal, an artist and activist who is deeply engaged with questions of ecology and nature, shares his approach to a greater understanding of what the environmental crisis means for individuals and their livelihoods in the bioregion. The director of the Sustainable Livelihood Institute (SLI), a joint-venture between Auroville and the Tamil Nadu government, Ram Subramanian, gives a personal perspective of how to bring about harmony (“samanvaya’’ in sanskrit) in social change. The final presentation of the day is given by Jennie Stephens, Professor of Sustainability Science & Policy, on how we can foster collaboration and resilience. The day ended with a highlight of The Bridge week, a panel discussion, facilitated by Sanjay Prakash, on the topic of unity and diversity in Auroville and the world.

Presentations by visiting researchers:
Mark Lawrence Harmony with Nature in the Anthropocene
Ravi Agarwal “Is the sea I see, the sea he sees?’’ Re-thinking the Ecological Crisis
Ram Subramanian Harmony in Social Action
Jennie Stephens Collaboration for Community and Climate Resilience

Panel discussion on Harmony from Diversity with:
Bindu Mohanty – Jennie Stephens – Lara Davis – Mark Lawrence – Ok Jeong Lee – Ram Subramanian – Ravi Agarwal – Ribhu Vohra – Facilitated by Sanjya Prakash

00:00:00 – Aditi opens the afternoon session of the Harmony from Diversity theme day.
00:01:20 – Mark presents on the topic “Harmony with Nature in the Anthropocene’’
00:22:15 – Introduction of Ravi
00:22:45 – Ravi shares his art project titled “Is the Sea I see the Sea he sees?’’
00:40:00 – Introduction of Ram
00:41:00 – Ram speaks about “Harmony in social action’’
01:08:50 – Introduction of Jennie
01.09.55 – Jennie talks about “Collaboration for Community & Climate Resilience”
01:32:40 – Opening of the panel on the theme of “Harmony from Diversity’’
01:34:05 – Sanjay opens the panel

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1) Harmony with Nature in the Anthropocene – Mark Lawrence IASS}
Is the Sea I see the Sea he sees? – Ravi Agarwal}
3) {Collaborating for Community and Climate Resilience – Jennie Stephens

4) {Harmony in social action – Ramasubramanian SLI