Photographer:Cassandra | Desmond shares his art, paintings and beautiful colors Photographer:Cassandra | Jacques sharing with us his insights into the nature of art and creativity Photographer:Cassandra | Goutam taking us on a walk through Santiniketan Photographer:Cassandra | Panel and audience on the Creative Progress day of The Bridge Photographer:Cassandra | The panel on the Creative Progress day Photographer:Cassandra | Pryia Sundaravalli and Marco Feira interacting during the panel on Creative Progress day

The Bridge, Day 5, afternoon: "Creative progress" – Presentations & Panel

Creativity that transcends boundaries to give expression to our highest aspirations.

“Make of beauty your constant ideal. Beauty of soul, beauty of thought, beauty of feelings, beauty of action, beauty in work.” The Mother

Day of art and culture

The first presentation of the afternoon was given Desmond, who worked extensively as a painter in Rajasthan. He talked about the relevance of tradition for art. In his experience, tradition keeps on calling even if it’s not certain of being heard. Every time it calls and in these calls the word “beauty“ stays embedded. “The question is: how one moves from tradition to a contemporary practice? The answer, I believe, is methods and materials”. Desmond explained in great detail his research of the processes of color production. Highlighting the importance of connection between the hand, the head and the heart in his continuous artistic research, Desmond shared his most recent works with us.

The second talk was given by Jacques Blanc, a theatre director and dancer, who worked in Africa, with local communities. He is interested in the emergence of new dance in the United States, France and Africa, a style that he defines as new hip-hop and which is growing and becoming international. At the same time he acknowledges the massive migration process that is currently happening in Africa and the challenges of working is such difficult environments in which people would constantly like to leave and imitate the western way of dancing.

Goutam Das, a Professor of fine arts at Santiniketan, in the third presentation, talked about tradition and continuity at his institute of higher education and research. As a ceramist and painter he shares the visual experience of Santiniketan, and its relation to nature. He emphasizes the importance of nature as part of Santiniketan’s heritage and expands on the relationship between nature and art, as well as life and education.

Finally, Kirti Chandak, from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, talked about the three roles of art: The Aesthetic, The Educational and The Spiritual. According to her, balance between all the parts that make up an individual being or even a culture or civilization is the key to personal happiness and harmonious order. The three roles of art and their establishment are supposed to contribute to that harmony and greatness. From this premise, Kirti elaborates on these aspects and illustrates them with examples from her education, life and artistic practice.

Presentations by visiting researchers:
– Desmond Lazaro: Tradition methods,Contemporary Practice
– Jacques Blanc: Why is there art instead of nothing?
– Goutam Das: Santiniketan – Heritage and Continuity
– Kirti Chandak: The three roles of art: aesthetic, educational, spiritual

Panel discussion on Unending Education with:
Aurelio Hammer – Desmond Lazaro – Goutam Das – Jacques Blanc – Kirti Chandak – Peter – Priya Sundaravalli – Supriya Menon Meneghetti – Facilitated by Marco Feira

00:00:00 – Ann introduction
00:01:05 – Begin of Desmond Lazaro’s talk
00:30:35 – Introduction of Jacques Blanc
00:31:20 – Jacques Blanc’s talk
00:57:45 – Introduction of Goutam Das
00:58:10 – Goutam Das’ talk
01:12:14 – Introduction to Kirti Chandak
01:12:33 – Kirti Chandak’s talk
01:33:45 – Introduction to the panel
01:34:20 – Beginning of the panel

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1) Desmond Lazaro’s presentation pdf (coming soon)
2) Jacques Blanc presentation pdf}
3) Goutam Das’ presentation pdf (coming soon)
4) {Kirti Chandak’s presentation pdf


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