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17 Mar / 2011Program by:
Language: English

The Eternal Yes

On Saturday at 5pm at Savitri Bhavan Richard Hartz will talk about The Eternal Yes from the point of Savitri, the Epic Affirmation. The Auroville Choir, conducted by Nuria will sings on Saturday and Sunday at 8pm at Pitanga Cultural Centre a concert of Celtic songs.The roof terrace above the concert hall will be accessible for the public. Open Stage Cabaret will happen once more tomorrow between 7 and 10 pm at Kalabhumi. Again we will see some performing artists, and amongst others Drupad will keep audience somehow active with his interactive mime, Surya will sketch what is happening on the stage, and Lydia will investigate the first cycle of the amphitheater and let be inspired by it.

Leap up in our heart of humanhood, O miracle, O flame,Passion-flower of the Nameless, bud of the mystical Name.Sri Aurobindo

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