Photographer:Andrea | Karan Singh, Chairman, Auroville Foundation releasing the book 'The Integral Human Existence'. On the left Mr. Doshi member of the Governing Board of Auroville. On the right Aster Patel also member of the Governing Board.
25 Apr / 2011Program by:
Language: English

The Integral Human Existence

Featured today is Dr. Karan Singh, Chairman of the Auroville Foundation; an extract from the presentation of his book release ‘The Integral Human Existence’ and a reminder for tonight: the documentary film ‘I BELIEVE’ which is about Dr. Singh, to mark the occasion of his recent 80th birthday. Also in the news, news of termite research and a chance to rock and roll to the sounds of the funky Brand New Band concert coming up on Thursday night.

‘…as to the beginnings of the supramental life, which is next to be realized in the evolution of the universe… it appears more and more evident that the most difficult means of approach to it is intellectual activity… in this new substance, the spreading supramental, there is a warmth, a joy, a power so intense that all intellectual activity appears by its side to be cold and dry… one single instance, one surge of deep and true love-communion with the Divine Grace, takes one nearer to the goal than all possible explanations… it would seem that one never truly understands until one understands with one’s body.’ – Excerpt from ‘The Integral Human Existence’ by Dr. Karan Singh.