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15 Feb / 2012Program by:
Featured: Fif and StellaLanguage: English

The Joy of Laughter Yoga

On Thursday, 48 Aurovilians and visitors came together to Sve-Dame, wanting to experience the benefits of laughter yoga. Fif, a certified laughter yoga teacher from Canada has come to Auroville to spread the art of laughter yoga. Together with Hamish, her husband, and Dariya, an Aurovillian, she wants to make people explore this unusual type of yoga. Shes giving us an interview about the philosophy behind laughter yoga, its history and benefits. What is laughter yoga good for? How do the participants feel about the session?

Laughter yoga is a combination of laughter exercises, deep breathing, visualization and a lot of fun! Listen to the laughter itself, the paricipants impressions and Fifs explanations and stories.