Photographer:Giorgio | Saraswati @ White Peacock Clay Project Open House
01 Apr / 2011Program by:
Language: English

The Joy of Playing With Clay

In today’s news the feature is the White Peacock Clay Project, creation of Anna and Saraswati, located in a corner of the Kindergarten campus where children 3 years old up to elderly come to experience the transformative pleasure of working with clay. Also announcements in the news: ‘Remembering the Mother,’ at Savitri Bhavan tomorrow; the Auroville Film Festival 2011 is looking for films that develop the theme of human unity, which have been produced from January 2008 onwards and, an advance reminder of a General Meeting which will be held on Monday April 11 at 5 pm at SAWCHU. The topic: Presentation and discussion on the self assessment of the Working Committee and Auroville Council terms, along with comments/feedback from other working groups and individuals, an opportunity to bring constructive and effective input to this important community process.

Just as you carry within you a heaven of blissful communion with the Divine, you can, if you do not take care to master the asuric tendencies in your nature, also carry in consciousness a hell of misery and desolation….one should dwell in the peaceful joy of total surrender to the Divine and say to the Lord in all sincerity, ‘Let Thy will be done…’ the Mother

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