Photographer:Rebecca | the (Photographer: Rebecca)" rel="" /> Photographer:Rebecca | a frontal view of the (Photographer: Rebecca)" rel="" /> Photographer:Rebecca | ropes hold the bamboo and Tetrapack sheets together Photographer:Rebecca | a part of the structure's office Photographer:Rebecca | the structure has 2 levels of bunks, 8 beds in all Photographer:Rebecca | the structure's composting toilet in construction Photographer:Rebecca | The (Photographer: Rebecca)" rel="" />
16 Feb / 2012Program by:
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The Ladder House

I stopped by to speak with Avikal, an architect under Manu’s direction at the International House, about what he calls the “Ladder House.” The structure, which is made of bamboo ladders, rope, and Tetrapack sheets, is a mobile work and living space. At two and a half levels, the structure contains an office, 2 living areas, and a composting toilet on the first level. On the upper levels there are 8 bunk beds for in-house living; and best of all, the entire structure can be partially deconstructed and moved for on-site working conditions.