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29 Jan / 2010Program by:
Language: Exhibition

The LFA Sound Space

During the LFA (litter-free Auroville) campaign, AurovilleRadio was invited to participate in the exhibition room called stArt of Certitude’s dome. We took this opportunity to produce a sound in order toawaken people’s awareness of noise pollution. The manner in which people began to listen was quite imaginative. With the participation of Newcomer Marc, organiser of the exhibition and a designer, we imagined a box where everybody could enter, listen to the sound and be totally cut off from outside, in’ order to be fully focused on sounds. The result: a strange sort of soundproof cardboard box called “Sound Space”, a mysterious and darkened sound experience with a long waiting line attended mostly by kids..

The sound box is back on Monday 15th of February from 6 to 8 pm in Kala Kendra for the Trashion show and Recyled Art Exhibition.” ‘