Photographer:Marlenka | Jessie, Elvira, Selvam, Mauna, Rani
11 Jul / 2011Program by:
Language: English

The New RAS Team

The news features a few words from each of the new RAS team members (sadly missing Partha.) The team invites all residents to attend tomorrow’s General Meeting, 5 pm at SAWCHU, at which time they will introduce themselves. Residents are encouraged to voice any concerns, hopes and suggestions for the future. The meeting is also an opportunity to discuss how to proceed on the issue of the selection process for Auroville’s Council and Working Committee. Also some news about Restorative Circles, a dialogue process to resolve parties in conflict.

Some words from the Mother, from the book ‘The Sunlit Path:’ To learn how to will is a very important thing. And to will truly, you must unify your being. In fact, to be a being, one must first unify oneself. If one is pulled by absolutely opposite tendencies, if one spends three-fourths of his life without being conscious of himself and the reasons why he does things, is one a real being? One is a mass of influences, movements, forces, actions, reactions, but one is not a being. One begins to become a being when he begins to have a will. And one can’t have a will unless one is unified. And when you have a will, you will be able to say to the Divine: I want what You want. But not before that. Because in order to want what the Divine wants you must have a will, otherwise you can will nothing at all. You would like to. You would like it very much. You would very much like to want what the Divine wants…..learn to unify unify yourself, have a will to give to Him, and to put at His service.

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