Photographer:Andrea | Manikandam
07 Feb / 2011Program by:
Language: English

The Newest Cycle Path

Today’s news offers as its feature an interview with Road Service Manikandam, talking about the new cycle path; it’s a walking path, it’s a cycle path, designed by Marc, Marie and Maurizio. It goes from the entrance to Deepanam School to reach Crown Road, to Arka. Also in the news find an announcement for Svaram: a Musical Exposition at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, running through 12 February.

Some definitions from the Mother: Courage: the total absence of fear in any form. Love: self-giving without asking anything in return. Meanness: a weakness that calculates, demands from others the virtues one does not possess oneself. Selfishness: to put oneself at the centre of the universe, to want everything to exist for one’s own satisfaction. Nobility: to refuse all personal calculation. Generosity: to find one’s own satisfaction in the satisfaction of others.