Photographer:Gino | Anandi handing over the tray of goodies to Danis. Photographer:Gino | Danis distributing the content (of the tray) and sprinliing it in to the hole Photographer:Gino | Students from Svaram playing suggestive music for the ceremony Photographer:Gino | On the background some guest students from India coming to see the ceremony Photographer:Gino | Placing incence sticks around the hole Photographer:Gino | Holding hands as a symbol of unity Photographer:Gino | Thanking Mother Earth
01 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: AnandiLanguage: English

The Pachamama ceremony

Anandi handed over a tray containing various food elements (such as nuts, grains, rose water, coffee, tea, and more). The elements were dropped into a hole, and the hole was covered with flower petals. Each participant lit an incense and placed it around the hole. People stood meditating in a circle around the hole and held hands in sign of unity.
Some students of Svaram played suggestive music through out the ceremony to create a mystic atmosphere.


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