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15 Jan / 2011Program by:
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The Same but Different

Saturday’s third session on the Exploration of Nation Soul was more quiet. The group was brainstorming to find the means to implement their ideas and inspirations. The method hasn’t became clear yet but many ideas emerged…among the many things that came up, they talked about national flowers, and the way to explore the genius of one’s nation through the fairy tales….

The Spirit in man has one aim before it in all mankind; but different continents orpeoples approach it from different sides, with different formulations and in a differing
spirit. Not recognizing the underlying unity of the ultimate divine motive, they give battle to each other and claim that theirs alone is the way for mankind. The one real and perfect civilization is the one in which they happen to be born, all the rest must perish or go under. But the real and perfect civilization yet waits to be discovered; for the life of mankind is still nine tenths of barbarism to one tenth of culture.
Volume: 20 [CWSA] (The Renaissance in India), Page: 92