Photographer:Renu | Loretta Photographer:Loretta | A pure existance safe from thought and mood Photographer:Loretta | Around him was a light of conscious suns Photographer:Loretta | Figure sole on nature's giant stair Photographer:Loretta | His natures passioning stretches flowed to her Photographer:Loretta | He gazed across the empty stillnesses and heard the footsteps of the Photographer:Loretta | His soul was freed and given to her alone.
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The Story of Savitri Part 1

This is the story of Savitri very briefly told with excerpts from the book.
Now that a Savitri reading is on the radio, it is good to know the general story so people can put what is being read into a context or start reading at any book or canto and know generally what has happened so far.
In this book, Sri Aurobindo put many different things around the actions of the people, so there is a lot to read. But the story line itself is shorter. For as much accuracy as possible, direct quotations from the book are used to keep the story going.


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