Photographer:Loretta | Still unacomplished was the fateful quest Photographer:Loretta | A Blank pure conscousness had replaced the mind. Photographer:Loretta | All  her life was conscious of his life. Photographer:Loretta | All in a moment was surprised and seized Photographer:Loretta | Approached through sun-bright spaces, Photographer:Loretta | The soul can recognize the answering soul. Photographer:Renu | Loretta
19 May / 2015Program by:
Featured: LorettaLanguage: English

The story of Savitri- Part 2


The second half of the story begins with the birth of the Divine Mother as Princess Savitri, King Aswapathy’s daughter. As Savitri grows up, there is no one is worthy to marry her, so her father sends her to travels the world to find her mate. She finds Satyavan in the forest, but Satyavan has only one year to live. They marry and Savitri prepares herself to face Almighty Death. When Satyavan dies, Savitri follows Death through the nether worlds to convince Death that Satyavan should be returned to her so they can do their Divine work together on earth…


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