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The Tamil Literary Forum – ep.18 “மரக்கிளை ஊஞ்சல்” – A collection of Children’s Songs by Madurai Magal (Poetess R.Meenakshi)

“Marakilai oonjal” – A collection of children”s songs by Madurai Magal (Poetess R.Meenakshi) 

மதுரை மகள் (கவிஞர் இரா.மீனாட்சி ) இயற்றிய சிறுவர் பாடல்களின் தொகுப்பு “மரக்கிளை ஊஞ்சல்”.

“Marakilai oonjal” (The Swing from the bough) is a Collection of Children’s Songs composed by Poetess R.Meenakshi in Tamil. This work is a production of Ilaignarkal Education Centre, most of the songs presented in this book are set to tune by Poetess R.Meenakshi and Mrs. Manimegalai Karthikeyan, who is a social activist from Auroville region.  

Today, in this episode Sai Priya reads a few songs from “Marakilai oonjal” and Manimegalai sings the same songs with a Tabla accompaniment. Shri Ayyanar from Ilaignarkal Education centre, is the one who accompanies her on the Tabla to add rhythm.  

We are glad to present this Tamil feast to make your Pongal festival full of fun and joy . Enjoy listening! 


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  • sivkaumar

    Fantastic as usual

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