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05 Feb / 2021Program by:

The Tamil Literary Forum – ep.20 “ஒரு கனவு”

ஒரு கனவு (A Dream)

On the occasion of the upcoming birthday of Auroville on Feb 28, we felt it would be nice to have a series of episodes about the vision and values of Auroville in Tamil. This week we start with “A Dream” written by the Mother in 1954 read by R.Meenakshi in Tamil.

Already in 1954 the Mother had spelled out an alternative formula for a new way to live and to be. She described a new society: balanced, just, harmonious and dynamic. At the time she saw that “the earth is not ready to realise such an ideal” and therefore called it ‘A Dream’. The fact that Auroville steadily grows, and its residents continue to carry this same ideal and vision in their hearts and minds, gives hope.