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17 Jun / 2016Program by:
Featured: LorettaLanguage: English

The Universal Mother – Mother

The Universal Mother – Mother Does The Work Of Transformation For Us

In Mother’s Prayers and Meditations, written in 1914, we get a glimpse of Mother carrying on the yoga of the earth-consciousness for the transformation. She speaks of this several times again in Mother’s Agenda. She explains that her body was built for making universal progress. By 1964 Mother’s body is completely identified with the material substance of the earth – the terrestrial consciousness, and the cells of her body want to be totally transparent to receive the descending force. This talk is centered around several original French recordings from Mother’s Agenda, preceded by the English translation. Mother says that she is doing the sadhana for the Ashramites. There are also stories of Mother and Sri Aurobindo materializing in different places in the world to help people.


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