Photographer:Niveditha | Annemarie and Lakshman at the new canteen Photographer:Niveditha | Path towards the new canteen Photographer:Niveditha | The green atmosphere Photographer:Niveditha | Scenes from the inaugural Photographer:Niveditha | Canteen - previous location Photographer:Niveditha | Snacks served at the inaugural Photographer:Niveditha | The foodlovers at the new space
24 Nov / 2015Program by:

The Updated City Centre Canteen

While the ‘Rain Gods’ are continuously keeping us overwhelmed and every bit of Auroville is turning fresh and green, the City Centre Canteen makes a shift from below the Le Morgan Cafe to a new location near the Vehicular Service.
Walk through the green of the Town Hall zone to enjoy some fresh, local and affordable food & snacks at the canteen. The canteen now with its exclusive space has 5 to 6 sets of tables and chairs serving all food lovers of Auroville, though it is meant for people working at the Town Hall. Conversations usually go endless in such atmospheres!
The inauguration of the new canteen happened this morning which saw the usual enthusiasm from Aurovillians.

Listen to what Annemarie and Lakshman have to say about the newly updated canteen!


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