Photographer:Marlenka | Michel
20 May / 2011Program by:
Language: English

The Work of a Potter

Potter Michel tells his story which began in 1979 with the opportunity to learn of pottery from Golden Bridge Pottery, up to the present moment where, in Dana, he creates all manner of pots, much to the delight of people far and wide. In this interview Michel is engaged glazing a pot as he speaks. Also in the news there’s a request for Aurovilians to do their civic duty in making a choice concerning the renewal of the Auroville Council and the Working Committee, by the evening of 22 May.

…this from the Mother: ‘In each one’s life a moment comes when he has to choose between the Path and the muddle. One cannot put one foot here and the other one there. If you try to, you will be torn to pieces….a heart that does not choose is a heart that will die.’

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