Photographer:Marlenka | Torkil
22 May / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Torkil: Multi-faceted Man

Featured Newcomer Torkil, a man of diverse interests, talents and high energy to work on many projects in tandem, speaks of his entrance to Auroville and his current areas of endeavour. Proposed railway: two possible tracks for the proposed Pondicherry Chennai rail link around and through Auroville; railway authorities want to work with Auroville to find the best route. Having surveyed land in some of Aurovilles forests, not wanting to cut for the new line, Auroville is invited to submit a note explaining its concerns.

Meanness and selfishness are the only sins that I find it difficult to pardon; yet they alone are almost universal. Therefore these also must not be hated in others, but in ourselves annihilated…..courage and love are the only indispensable virtues; even if all the others are eclipsed or fall asleep these two will save the soul alive. Sri Aurobindo, Thoughts and Aphorisms