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30 Mar / 2017Program by:
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Trashion Show, Kabir

Thursday, March 30, at Unity Pavilion, 7:30pm Jacob’s Ladder: Where Must it Lead to? The Future of Man by Prof Sedhev Kumar

Friday, March 31, at 7pm At the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, IZ Songs & Vision of KABIR Author of The Vision of Kabir , by Prof. Kumar.

Thursday 30th at 4.30pm at Kalakendra – Talk René Sacred Groves Construction waste use
and at 5.15pm Talk Kali,Marc,Ribhu Resource Center Project
On Saturday 1st of April at 9.30pm at Visitors Centre – Performance by Unicorn Collective. Parade with amazing giant puppets and Show LFA Thrashion show.

On Sunday 2nd of Arpil at 7pm at Adishkati Karolina Loimaala and Maya Oliva present Tales of Twenty Dodgy Fingers

YouthLink wants to invite you to their new monthly event called “COMM4UNITY”.
Event Info: Time: 5:00-9:00pmPlace: Youth CentreDay: Saturday 8th April

The Master of our works respects our nature even when he is transforming it ; he works always through the nature and not by arbitrary caprice. This imperfect nature of ours contains the materials of our perfection, but inchoate, distorted, misplaced, thrown together in disorder or a poor imperfect order.
The Synthesis of Yoga, Sri Aurobindo

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