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Photographer: | Aloe & Eden walking the catwalk  (Photo: Giorgio)

Trashion Show!

Program by :

The Trashion Show event at the Visitor Center was packed. More than 400 people came to see the fashion parade spectacular featuring garments and accessories made entirely from trash and recycled junk. The event challenged Auroville’s best designers to work with Auroville’s worst materials.The entertainment featured: Nadaka & Gopika – performing with the relevant theme in mind. The Mohanam Boys – making percussion music out of litter, The Brand New Band – representing the youth our future. Krishna (Emergence) – playing home-grown eco-friendly fusion. Patcha Mama – getting you grooving to sustainable ska/reggae. Tiago & Ana and the percussionist from Sadhana Forest. Jesse, the ever splendid trash talking host presented the event. Download the show. In read more the concerts.

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29 Jan / 2010

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Aloe & Eden walking the catwalk  (Photo: Giorgio)