Photographer:Andrea | The famous horse... Photographer:Andrea | Gods and kings. Photographer:Andrea | The choir. Photographer:Andrea | Crossing the sea. Photographer:Andrea | A blody battle. Photographer:Andrea | The sets and costumes were arranged by the kids. Photographer:Andrea | The students performed the play 3 days in a row.

Trojan in Auroville

A computer virus? A PC worm?? Not, this time real Trojan walked the soil of Auroville!
The 6th grade students of Transition School performed one of the most famous events of the Greek mythology, the Trojan war. Gods, swords, kings, princess and a horse-unicorn is the recipe of the well attended play. The classic Greek tragedy is turned in an modern novel with mobile phones and rock songs. This choice made accessible the roots of the western culture to kids and teenagers. May be not a very classical interpretation but for sure we all had fun.


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