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Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | From left: Sandeep & Shalini Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | From left: Shalini & Sandeep Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | Joshua Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | Ray Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | From left: Suresh & Ray Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | Suresh on drums Photographer:Lucrezia Fassi | The Kakabhumi Music Studio

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Kalabhumi goes Live this October started off with Shalini and Sandeep offering a delightful acoustic set where tunes in different languages were sang accompanied by classical guitar and accordion. The evening proceeded with Joshua inviting us into his lyrical songwriting and emotional solo performance. The first part of the evening closed with a rhythmical crescendo steeped in Indian traditional music led by Ray on electric veena and Suresh on cajun first and drum kit later on.

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31 Oct / 2017

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From left: Sandeep & Shalini
From left: Shalini & Sandeep
From left: Suresh & Ray
Suresh on drums
The Kakabhumi Music Studio