Photographer:Andi | Jan on the badminton court  Photographer:Andi | Jan on the badminton court Photographer:Andi | Svaram grounds
15 Oct / 2012Program by:
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UPS to Blame, Badminton

in today’s news we feature an excerpt of interview with Jan from Svaram talking on his reasons for hunger strike since last Friday incidents. One would expect that power cuts translate into lower electricity consumption bills but this not always the case. The culprit is the backup inverter with battery storage. About 30- 45% of energy that passes through an inverter system is lost. Tamil Heritage Centre Team invites us to celebrate Dasara Festival of Evolution at ILAIGNARKAL EDUCATION CENTRE every day 4pm to 6.30pm from tomorrow until 24th.

Does the Divine exist in all things, even in the dustbin? The whole universe is the manifestation of the Divine, but a manifestation which begins with a total unconsciousness of its origin and rises little by little towards this consciousness.The Words of The Mother, Vol. 15