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Urban Tao Ecocentric

As part of the Invocation of Bulgarian Pavilion, six actors of the Overground Arts Alliance with Stojan Radev shared with us the story of constant struggle of the modern urban "slave" who makes a choice on his evolutionary journey. Homo Novus starts on the path of darkness and destruction which slowly, trough modality of consciousness, embarks on a path of light and transformation. He understands that one cannot avoid darkness and destruction. At last, with the interaction of audience, his journey merges with the universal flow, finds harmony

Overgound Arts Alliance: The organization was initially established in Bulgaria in 1991 as a foundation for cultural development "All who Seek in All Paths". It offered a holistic approach in addressing environmental issues and raising public awareness on cultural identity in the epoch of globalisation. For the past five years the Alliance has produced and showcased over 30 workshops for creative, psycho-physical and psycho-spiritual development at the holistic Qi-Yo Holistic Center in New York , has participated and lectured in yoga, contemporary art trends, dance theatre and esotericism in New York.


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