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11 Feb / 2011Program by:

Varanasi Weaver Exhibition

In a short interview recorded in Pondicherry at the opening of the exhibition "Varanasi Weaver Exhibition… a timeless journey", Uma Prajapati explain the importance of this social project Upasana is running in Varanasi. Quoting from the invitation: " Thousands of looms in Varanasi have become silent in the last decade – cheap, bad quality imitations have flooded the market and left weavers and traders in despair. Eighty-five percent of the weavers have wandered away to pursue other livelihood options. India’s largest hand-weaving guild is threatened. Upasana has been involved in helping the Varanasi weavers’ community since 4 years. We bring to you an exhibition showcasing Benaras through its textile, and tradition… An effort towards presenting responsible fashion and rediscovering pride in our collective heritage… Come experience a glimpse into the oldest city of India…”. The exhibition will be open till the 19th of February at the Alliance Francais (Pondicherry).


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