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Photographer:Giorgio | Dr. Karan Singh and Prof. Manoj Das
07 Nov / 2013Program by:
Featured: dr. Karan SinghLanguage: English

Vedanta Today

Yesterday Dr. Karan Singh, Chairman of the Governing Board gave a talk on ‘Vedanta Today’ in a beautifully decorated Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat
Nivas. Professor Manoj Das of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram was presiding and he introduced Dr. Karan Singh to the public. Dr. Karan Singh mentioned the origin, the different aspects and relevance of Vedanta in todays world. Vedanta follows the Veda and completes it. The Upanishads are its fundamental elements.

Like all other branches of Indic spirituality, Vedanta is structured on dialog, on question and answer. It posits the essential unity of mankind: Vasudeva Kudumbakam, the world is one family.
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