Photographer:Satyajit C P | A warm afternoon... The sun is setting at the pavilion of Indian Culture Photographer:Satyajit C P | Traditional Vedic Chanting in SAWCHU by teachers of Yogavahini School, Chennai Photographer:Satyajit C P | Ray of light at sunset Photographer:Satyajit C P | The ten teachers of Yogavahini School, Chennai

Vedic Chanting in SAWCHU – Auroville

Saturday, 3rd February, 2018 at 5:00 pm SAWCHU, Bharat Nivas (International Zone) Auroville hosted ten teachers of Yogavahini School.
They performed several traditional chants in front of a very attentive and meditative audience.

The oral tradition of the Vedas (rauta) consists of several pathas, “recitations” or ways of chanting the Vedic mantras. Such traditions of Vedic chant are often considered the oldest unbroken oral tradition in existence, the fixation of the Vedic texts (samhitas) as preserved dating to roughly the time of Homer (early Iron Age).

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