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Violin in Jazz, part 2

Whilst no-one questions the position of the fiddler in any kind of folk band, the jazz violinist constantly has to justify himself in the face of sceptics who believe that they should stick to either Bach or barndances. The violin is still not widely seen as being a natural instrument for swing, despite a history going back to the early days of Jazz.
We are featuring some great jazz violin players – from Grappelli, Darol Anger, Bill Bang, Mark Feldman, Noel Pointer, Regina Carter…..

Michel Petrucciani, Stephane Grappelli, Roy Haynes, George Mraz – I Got Rhythm
Mike Marshall & Darol Anger – Beneath The Surface
Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier – Rigal
Regina Carter – Late Night Mood
Billy Bang Sextet – Rainbow Gladiator
Noel Pointer – Night Song
Ray Nance – Come Sunday
Regina Carter – N’Teri
Jean-Luc Ponty – Rhythms Of Hope
Dr. L.Subramaniam-Stephane Grappelli – Illusion
Jean-Luc Ponty – Elephants In Love
Noel Pointer – Earl Klugh – Mirabella
Oscar Peterson – Stephane Grappelli – Joe Pass – Nuages
Regina Carter – Mwana Talitambula
Jean-Luc Ponty – Rhythms Of Hope